Custom 3D printable pony models. Because the world needs more 3D printed ponies.

3D printing is tricky with a model that was not designed for this purpose. I strive to make models that can easily be printed by both beginners and experts.

Please keep in mind that these models are not fit for animation or other digital uses.


Are you looking to get a custom pony model? You should contact me for a price! Price quotes stay valid for 3 months.

You can find the starting prices in my price list. The exact price depends a lot on what you want.

Terms and conditions

By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.


To be able to communicate with you and send you the product, I collect some personal information. Please read my privacy policy.

Privacy policy


I take payment in 3 parts, before each stage in the process:

  1. Payment before modeling
  2. Payment before printing
  3. Payment before priming + painting (also includes shipping cost)

Alternatively, you can do the whole payment up front.

Currently I accept Paypal as the payment methods. I will send you a paypal.me link.

Please note that I do not accept any other payment methods.
Any and all customs related fees (import duties or tax) are the responsibility of the commissioner. I will not cover any unexpected customs fees.

Process and processing time

A typical commission takes about 2 months to complete. This includes planning, modeling, experimenting, printing, post-processing (smoothing) and painting. For details, please see my work process details. If you have a specific deadline, please let me know in advance and I will let you know if it is possible.

Work process details

I will publish the 3D printable model files on Thingiverse and on my website. I will publish pictures of the final product on Deviantart, on my website and on Derpibooru. I might livestream the design process and/or the 3D printing process. I may publicly post pictures of the unfinished and finished product.

Please note that I am only one person. Unforeseen events may come up and cause delays. If this ever happens, I will always keep you informed.

Returns and refunds

Since you are buying a product made just for you, you cannot return your product. Once you receive your product, you can no longer receive a refund.


Shipping times

Once your product is finished, I will take it to the post office as soon as possible. Delivery times depend on postal services.
Estimated shipping time:

Shipping methods

DHL is used for most international shippings.
All orders will be shipped with tracking information and full insurance. You will receive a tracking link.

I can ship with other shipping companies of your choice, but I cannot be held responsible for their quality or service.

Shipping - loss or damage

All orders will be shipped with insurance for damage or loss.

If your product arrives damaged, or if it does not arrive within 3 weeks time, you should contact me immediately so I can contact the company that shipped it. In case of damage, please take pictures of the box and damage on the product and send them to .

Insurance only lasts 30 days after shipping, so if you wait too long to let me know about damage or loss, it may not be possible to cover it.

If your package gets returned to me, because the address was wrong or because it was not picked up in time, I will not pay for another shipping. You will have to pay for a new shipping (if you still want to get the product).

Characters and references

When commissioning me, provide as many reference images as you can. We will talk about it and decide what we want to take from each image to make the perfect 3D model. All details need to be sorted out up front.

I will always try my best to match colors as close to your character as I can. However, keep in mind that colors look different on different types of computer monitors and on different cameras.

Style & artistic freedom

I will do my best to match your references and requests as closely as possible. Please be aware however, that as an artist, my own style does dictate how I will make a model. Please see my prior work for examples and ensure that you are generally pleased with my style before committing to a commission, as no refunds will be made if you do not like my style.

Changes to the commission

During the planning and designing stages I might ask you more questions about which options you would prefer. Once I finish designing, I will show you what I made and you can request changes. I only accept reasonable, minor changes which must be based on the current state of the product. I will not accept if you request me to start over. To help get the model you have in mind, please be as detailed as possible when requesting your commission.

I do not accept changes to the 3D model after I have started printing your figurine.

I do not accept any changes after I have started painting your figurine.

If you are, at any point, not satisfied with what I am making, you can choose to not pay for the next production step.

The finished product

Besides the physical figurine, you will receive a copy of the .blend file where I designed the model and all the .stl files needed for printing it. These files will also be published on Thingiverse and on my website. The files remain my intelectual property and are distributed under the CC BY 4.0 license. This means that you (or anyone else) can use these files for anything you want, as long as you give me appropriate credit and you do not put additional restrictions on my work or its derivatives.

I will send you videos like this, this and this after every production stage.

⛑️ Safety

I try to avoid dangerous parts on my models, but please understand that if you want a pointy mane or tail, it will be sharp.

My figurines have no certifications and are not toys for children. They are intended as decorations. Of course you can still hold them and play with them, as long as you are gentle and careful.

If exposed to heat (up to 200°C), the figurine will only melt. However, if exposed to direct fire, it will produce toxic fumes like most plastics. Keep away from fire.

🔨 Durability

I print figurines in the material PLA. When possible, I reenforce fragile attachments with internal metal bolts. Larger figures are as durable as any other large plastic toy. If dropped, they would get scratched, but probably not completely destroyed. Smaller figurines usually have fragile hooves, so you need to be more careful.
Also, if your figurine has spread wings, you need to be super careful about those!

🌡️ Heat

PLA handles temperatures up to 60°C (140°F). Do not leave your pony in a hot car in the summer, because it will melt!

🔪 Scratching

You will not accidentally scratch your painted figurine with fingernails. But if you drop it or drag it across a rough surface, it will get scratched.

🌊 Water

Your figurine will be completely water resistant. Acrylic paint is basically rubber. You can leave your pony floating around on water if you want. I have not tried salt water though.

☀️ Sunlight

If you leave the figurine in sunlight for a week, colors will fade. This does not happen indoors because your windows have UV protection. Additionally, if your figurine is a dark color or on a dark surface, sunlight could heat it up and melt it.
If you want a sun-resistant figurine, I can use a different printing material and add UV protection. You have to tell me this at the start of the commission.

🧼 Cleaning

To clean your figurine, a moist cloth should be enough for almost anything. In case of harder stains, gently rub with a soapy hand, then wash with a cold shower and dry using paper towels.

Other info

You can find images of my existing work on my Deviantart and on my website.


I use Blender for designing pony models.

I use Ultimaker Cura for preparing models for printing.


I use a slightly modded Creality Ender 3 printer, nozzle size 0.4mm, vertical resolution 0.08mm.


I paint with acrylic brush paints, acrylic airbrush paints and acrylic spray paints.
Before painting, I make models as smooth as possible using a tumbling machine, sandpaper, dremel, wood filler and different kinds of primer.
I add anti-scratch lacquer on top of paint.

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