Frequently asked questions

Pricing and buying

How much is a figurine?

You can find starting prices here.

Prices depend on amount of detail, size and number of colors, among other things. Please contact me so I can give you a specific price.

Why this price?

The 3D printing process itself can take over a week for large models. To make sure it goes well in the first try, I invest a lot of time into perfecting the model, experimenting and simulating. I do not pose existing models - instead, I build raw models. This means the model will be designed to the finest details and I have enough freedom to make almost any pose imaginable.

These are not mass produced factory toys. These are art pieces that can take 50+ hours to create.

(if you do not like my pricing, please consider purchasing official pony toys instead. For example, Shapeways now sells official Hasbro 3D printed toys.)

Where/when/how can I buy a model/figurine?

Commission me!

How do commissions work?

A commission is a custom order made for you.
If commissions are currently closed, you will be able to see a notification at the home page.
You can also ask me about prices at any time without ordering.

Do you accept NSFW in any form?


Can I get a discount if I order more than one figurine?

If you order a model that is identical (in shape and size) to another model I have already printed, you get a 50€ discount. You also get this 50€ discount if you already have a 3D model and you want me to make a figurine out of it. Also, by ordering multiple things at once, you can save a bit on shipping.

Can I get a discount if I only get the figurine and not the files?

No; I have no interest in keeping model files private. Please understand that you are not paying for the files, but rather you are paying for my effort in creating them!


What materials do you use?

I print my figurines out of PLA, a common 3D printing plastic. Where it makes sense, I internally reenforce figurines with metal bolts.
Sometimes I add metal balls or other weights to prevent the figurines from tipping over. All of this needs to be planned in advance, of course.
On request, I can use the material PETG which is more durable, at an additional cost.

Which printer do you use?

I use Creality Ender 3. It was the best 200€ printer on the market when I bought it, that is why I picked it. I am not sure if it still is. 3D printing progresses very quickly!

I made a few 3D printed upgrades for my printer, but it is mostly stock and works really well.

Which program do you use?

I use Blender for designing pony models.
Sometimes I use OpenSCAD for designing more technical parts.

For slicing my models before printing, I use Ultimaker Cura and then I print over OctoPrint.

Which paints do you use?

I paint with acrylic brush paints and acrylic spray paints.
Before painting, I make my models as smooth as possible using a sanding machine, sandpaper, putty and primer.
I add anti-scratch lacquer on top.


How do I clean this thing?

To clean your figurine, a moist cloth should be enough for almost anything. In case of harder stains, gently rub with a soapy hand, then wash with a cold shower and dry using paper towels.

Can I handle the figurine a lot?

While this is primarily intended as decoration, you can play with it, as long as you are gentle and careful. 3D printed ponies often have spiky manes, tails or horns, so be mindful. This is not a toy for children and has no certifications.
If you have one of the larger ones and you accidentally touch a wall with it while carrying it around, the paint will probably get scratched.

3D printing

How did you start 3D printing?

I've wanted to have a 3D printer since I was little, long before they were a real consumer product. I always enjoyed making things and was annoyed that I did not have a machine that could make accurate objects. I always had to make them by hand and they were very approximate. I could not, for example, make custom cogwheels that work very well. But now, I can!
My 3d printing journey started with custom Fischertechnik pieces, random utilities and replacement parts. For modelling, I was first using only OpenSCAD, then slowly progressed to designing more complex and artistic models in Blender.

How did you learn 3D printing?

There are a lot of good tutorials on the Web, especially on YouTube.
I also learned a lot from my own experiences. You need to do a lot of experimentation and try to predict results, then try to understand why things did not work and how to prevent them next time.
Having friends who also 3D print was helpful too!

Can you help me with 3D printing?

Sure! If you have specific problems, you should take pictures and send them to me and I will tell you what I think!

If you need help deciding which printer to buy, you should look at a recent buying guide (updated within the last 2 months), for example Reddit.

If you are looking for general tips, I have a few golden rules:

For painting, look at guides such as this one. Really, just search "painting 3d prints" and you will find stuff!
Tools I recommend for priming:

The actual painting could be done:

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